8 Ways to Infuse Positive Energy to Your Home

8 Ways to Infuse Positive Energy to Your Home

Feng Shui: Front Door

  • Enhance the front door area with a lovely plant and lights on both sides to attract positive energy.
  • The front door, known as the “mouth of qi,” is crucial for welcoming energy and opportunities into your home.
  • It sets the tone for visitors and your experience of the space.


Feng Shui: Hallway

  • Hallways symbolize opportunities. Keep them clutter-free with coats and shoes in a closet, and add a mirror and fresh flowers to uplift the energy.

Feng Shui: Kitchen

  • The kitchen is vital in feng shui, representing nourishment and gathering.
  • The stove’s placement is essential for success and control in your life and career.
  • Use a Quartz crystal in the refrigerator for enhanced nourishment.
  • Remove broken items as they can bring negative energy.

Feng Shui: Living Room

  • Ensure furniture is proportionate and does not block doors.
  • Use lamps strategically to activate wealth energy.
  • Open windows for nine minutes to clear the space.

Feng Shui: Dining Room

  • Place a mirror on the wall and fresh flowers on the table to optimize dining space energy.
Feng Shui: Bedroom
  • Consider the position of mirrors for a restful sleep.
  • Choose light neutral colours, solid headboards, and bedside tables for support and romance.

Feng Shui: Bathroom

  • Keep the bathroom clean with the lid down and introduce plants to prevent wealth drainage.

Feng Shui: Garden

  • Maintain the front garden for future prospects and the back garden for health and wealth.
  • Well-kept boundaries provide support for the occupants.