5 Projects to Boost Resale Value

Consistent Flooring

If your home features various types of flooring, consider creating a more cohesive look by sticking to one or two types. This can make your home more appealing to potential buyers. While not all carpet needs to be replaced, consider removing any outdated or stained carpets for a fresher appearance.

Brighten Up the Kitchen

White kitchens are a timeless favourite among buyers. To enhance the appeal of your kitchen, opt for a clean and illuminated white colour scheme. Upgrading cabinets or giving them a fresh coat of paint can also elevate the overall look.

Upgrade Countertops

Outdated countertops can deter buyers. Consider upgrading to materials like granite, marble, or white or gray quartz for a modern touch. If you choose to replace the countertops, ensure that the rest of the kitchen is cohesive to avoid mismatched aesthetics.

Fresh Paint

Before listing your home, painting the interiors is recommended by over half of Real Estate Professionals. Popular choices include Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray and Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter for a neutral and inviting appeal.

Deep Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning your entire home can significantly enhance its appeal to potential buyers. Focus on decluttering, deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, and paying attention to details like grout lines and mould spots. Consider hiring a professional cleaner for a more thorough job.


8 Ways to Infuse Positive Energy to Your Home

Feng Shui: Front Door

  • Enhance the front door area with a lovely plant and lights on both sides to attract positive energy.
  • The front door, known as the “mouth of qi,” is crucial for welcoming energy and opportunities into your home.
  • It sets the tone for visitors and your experience of the space.


Feng Shui: Hallway

  • Hallways symbolize opportunities. Keep them clutter-free with coats and shoes in a closet, and add a mirror and fresh flowers to uplift the energy.

Feng Shui: Kitchen

  • The kitchen is vital in feng shui, representing nourishment and gathering.
  • The stove’s placement is essential for success and control in your life and career.
  • Use a Quartz crystal in the refrigerator for enhanced nourishment.
  • Remove broken items as they can bring negative energy.

Feng Shui: Living Room

  • Ensure furniture is proportionate and does not block doors.
  • Use lamps strategically to activate wealth energy.
  • Open windows for nine minutes to clear the space.

Feng Shui: Dining Room

  • Place a mirror on the wall and fresh flowers on the table to optimize dining space energy.
Feng Shui: Bedroom
  • Consider the position of mirrors for a restful sleep.
  • Choose light neutral colours, solid headboards, and bedside tables for support and romance.

Feng Shui: Bathroom

  • Keep the bathroom clean with the lid down and introduce plants to prevent wealth drainage.

Feng Shui: Garden

  • Maintain the front garden for future prospects and the back garden for health and wealth.
  • Well-kept boundaries provide support for the occupants.