Laneway House

Laneway House

Laneway & Garden Suites in Toronto

(Laneway & Garden Suites… What are they? Why are they becoming so popular?)

The housing crisis in the Greater Toronto Area, particularly in the city's core, persists despite market changes, with property values remaining high and homeownership challenging for many.

In response to financing challenges, homeowners have explored options like secondary units to generate extra income for mortgage support, with basement or second-floor apartments traditionally being popular choices.

The Changing Lanes Program introduced by the City of Toronto in 2018 allows homeowners to build Laneway Suites, providing new rental housing options within established neighbourhoods.

A Laneway Suite is a self-contained residential unit situated on the same lot as the main house, typically located in the backyard next to a public laneway, offering additional housing choices.

The Changing Lanes program simplifies the process for homeowners to construct a laneway house without the need for various approvals, making it easier to enhance their property.

Homeowners interested in building a Laneway Suite can reach out to the City of Toronto to determine eligibility based on property criteria.

For properties without access to a laneway, the City of Toronto introduced Garden Suites in 2022, offering detached housing units in the backyard as an additional housing option.

Garden Suites, like laneway suites, provide smaller housing units that can accommodate family members or serve as rental units, aligning with the city's efforts to diversify housing options.

Both Laneway and Garden Suites contribute to various housing factors, increasing property value, expanding rental opportunities, and enhancing homeowners' financial flexibility.

These initiatives offer additional housing solutions and benefits to homeowners, tenants, and buyers in Toronto's competitive real estate market.

As always, different rules and regulations apply on every property, feel free to contact us to discuss this or any other Real Estate Related topic.