Price, Presentation, Promotion: What Sellers Need To Know This Spring.

Price, Presentation, Promotion: What Sellers Need To Know This Spring.

Is now the perfect time to sell your property? All signs point to a resounding YES!
Buyer interest is on the rise, but available properties are scarce. So, if your place is priced right, in a sought-after location, and visually appealing, get ready to face fierce competition.
As more sellers realize the demand from eager buyers, they’ll start listing their properties too, intensifying the competition. That’s why it’s vital to take every possible step to secure a swift sale and achieve the most favourable price.

1. Pricing: get the number right 

Finding the right price can be a challenge, especially in the current market with various pricing strategies being used by agents. So, what’s the best approach for you?

Before making any decisions, it’s crucial to grasp the neighbourhood dynamics.  If you notice other listings with low prices and offer dates, that should be your winning strategy too. On the flip side, if you price your home close to market value while others go low, potential buyers might think it’s out of their budget.

Conversely, if everyone in your area is pricing at market value, that should be your approach as well. And if it is a mix of both, trust your agent’s advice and follow their recommendation.

However, keep in mind that underpricing your home doesn’t guarantee a bidding war. You might end up receiving lower offers than expected or no offers at all.

And remember, be careful when pricing your home over market value. Some sellers assume buyers will negotiate a lower offer, but in reality, they usually won’t unless the property has been on the market for a significant period of time.

2. Presentation: dial up the appeal 

Pay attention to every detail that needs fixing – Remember, buyers, will spot imperfections first, guaranteed.
Neglecting the small stuff might lead buyers to assume that major maintenance has been neglected too. Their offer will reflect this assumption or they might not make an offer at all. Take care of it all!

Create a lasting first impression – Did you know buyers have already made up 50% of their minds the moment they enter the door? Invest in creating an inviting entryway.
Make them think, “Wow, this place is bright and beautifully designed!”

Illuminate your space – No one wants to live in a dark home. So, brighten things up! Replace bulbs throughout the house so they match, and consider upgrading from basic fixtures to something more appealing.

Remember: an outstanding presentation is about appealing to buyers, not showcasing your personal taste. They should be able to envision themselves living there. Provide them with a bright, neutral, and relatively blank canvas that allows their imagination to soar.

3. Promotion: Spread the word like wildfire!

The more eyes on your listing, the better.

If it’s a condo, make sure the marketing showcases the unit and the building itself. People want to see the lobby, amenities, and location—anything that adds value to the overall package.

Photos play a crucial role, and a top-notch agent won’t settle for mediocre images taken on a phone. They will collaborate with a skilled photographer who knows how to capture the best shots, including the perfect timing. For instance, if you have a stunning view, photographing it at sunset will have a far greater impact than on a rainy afternoon.