Summer Project to Increase Value

Summer Project to Increase Value

As we smell the summer air and feel rejuvenated, there's no better time to cross some home project off your bucket list. We've compiled a list of projects that will make you and your home feel better and may also increase the value of your property.

Let's start with the Cheapest of them all...

A Deep Cleaning

Have you heard of spring Cleaning? Of course you have, let's make it a summer cleaning. Clean the areas of your home that don't get much attention during your routine cleaning, like curtains, Blinds, Basement, Storage Areas, Closets, Kitchen Cabinets, Garage etc etc. Take out the power washer and give the outside of your home a deep clean too. This is the cheapest of all improvement projects but can have a significant increase on the value of your home.


While painting can become expensive if you hire professionals, which is usually the best way to go, some people have the artistic touch and can give it a go themselves. Summer is a great time to get out that paintbrush and give it a go. Painting not only the inside of your home but some areas outside can give you a significant boost in the value of your home.


What better time to get some landscaping done than summer. Be careful though, landscaping costs can get out of hand. Some people believe that by spending $50,000 on landscaping, their home is now worth 50K more. That is NOT how it works. Improve your home's curb appeal by cleaning up the front yard, planting flowers, adding a flower bed, solar lights, and some decorative touches. That will most likely increase your property's value.

Deck Addition

Well, if you don't have a deck, summer is a great time to build one. If you already have a deck its also a good time to think about some add-ons. Nicer Railings, Accent lighting, or maybe just freshen it up. Power washing your deck and then staining/painting it will definitely give it a better appeal, translating to an increase in value.

New Kitchen/Remodel

We promised to leave the most expensive for last. Kitchens and Bathrooms seem to be the thing that most buyers pay close attention to. So using the summer months for a Kitchen Remodel is ideal. You'll also be able to use the nice weather outside to cook some meals while you're under construction.

Of course, Real estate is so unpredictable and for that reason we at Unna Real Estate Group always advise, never to put all your eggs in one basket. Most buyers are looking for a "complete package". So if you've spent 100K on your kitchen but the rest of your home doesn't look a par, then you probably won't get a good return on your investment.

Reach out to us any time before starting your projects and we can have a chat about them.