Market Watch January 2024

We are back at it again with a review of the Market Watch from January 2024.   Home sales were up in January 2024 in comparison to January 2023. This annual increase came as some homebuyers started to benefit from lower borrowing costs associated with fixed-rate mortgage products. New listings were also up year-over-year but […]

Market Watch December 2023

We are back at it again with a review of the Market Watch from December 2023.   This is a recap of the market number in December as well as the year of 2023. Overall we saw a much slower year with both the number of sales as well as average price dipping below the […]

Toronto’s New “Vacant Home Tax”

By now almost everyone has already heard of this new “Vacant Home Tax” and most Toronto homeowners have already received their notice to fill out the declaration form online for their property. If you haven’t heard about the new tax or are a little confused about what it is, who it’s for and what it’s […]

Buyer Tip: Why it might be good to overlook certain flaws

Search for homes whose full potential has yet to be realized, especially if you’re on a strict budget. The bump in equity from your upgrades will help you to move up the property ladder If you’re going to buy a house that needs work, don’t buy a fixer-upper that’s more than you can handle in […]

Market Watch July 2022

We’re back at it again with a review of the Market Watch from July 2022. We try to break down some of the most important data and trends that we have been seeing in the Real Estate market. It’s no surprise to many that we are in a transitional market with many areas shifting from […]

3 Major Reasons Why you should get pre-approved for a Mortgage

Getting a mortgage pre-approval is always one of the first things we suggest all buyers do before seriously considering purchasing a property and here’s why. Save Time Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is important so  you can know how much a lender is willing to lend as well as how much you can afford. It […]