I started my journey in Real Estate as Deal Secretary at Homelife/CityHill back in 2014. Day by day I was learning all about the backstage of the Real Estate process and I had the idea to take my real estate license. I had to learn so much, my interests increased a lot in the subject, and I knew it wouldn’t go any other way. In 2016 I was licensed and working as a realtor at the same office. Years passed and my passion kept getting bigger than I could expect. I knew we could do it differently, we could be better. Unna came at the right time with the best team I could imagine. Unna represents for me a lot of things! Unna is a unification of two agents and one assistant with the support of Eduino Silva. Unna is when I treat a client as a unique person in a single process. We are one, different from everything else, we are not the same, our process is one.