A Combination of Tradition, Dedication and Innovation

UNNA Real Estate Group was founded in 2021 by Ana Figueiredo and Jonathan Silva, two Real Estate professionals working at Homelife/CityHill Realty Inc., Brokerage. Combined, they bring a wealth of experience totaling 18 years. Jonathan brings 10 years of extensive knowledge in the Real Estate market and has an education background in Real Estate and Investigations, while Ana brings a substantial 8 years of Real Estate experience and a background education in Real Estate and Accounting.

After many years helping hundreds of Families and Investors achieve their Real Estate goals, we had the feeling that there can still be a better way to help our clients achieve their goals. After many meetings and conversations, a decision was made to combine our principles of professionalism, ethics and customer service to make Real Estate better for you, the Client. Together we formed ONE TEAM, You, our client, are part of this Team and our success is your success, ONE GOAL.

We make ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL our motto so that the full weight of our  team is behind you. A Team based on Tradition, Innovation, Respect, Dedication, Professionalism and Service. A Team that makes our Goal Simple by giving our clients a unique Real Estate experience.

Our values

UNNA’s team invests in innovation, training and education but nothing can be done without our values.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”

Roy E. Disney

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Facilitate and Simplify the process of buying, selling and leasing, by building Trust relationship with our client, Communication will make each client feel part of this Team. Our service is Tailored to your needs and providing High Level of service will make Real Estate Possible to everyone.

UNNA Method

UNNA Real Estate Group believes in investing in innovation, training and education so that we will have the best tools and resources to guide you through any market and situation.

Let’s think of a sports team for instance. There are many positions on every team. The teams that perform better and succeed are the ones who work together and present a better form of cohesion where everybody knows their position and how and when to execute. Most importantly, if you have a strong team behind you, you will succeed.

Even in single player sports such as golf, tennis, boxing, there are always teams behind each athlete. Whether it be trainers, coaches, equipment staff, doctors etc. Even when we look at everyday life, it’s always important to have mentors, friends, family and even coaches. Your journey is more successful with a strong team behind you.

The name UNNA came from a combination of strong words that are very meaningful to us. Union, Unification, Unison. We want you to be part of this union so we can work in unison to get you what you want.

  • Respect

We believe that respecting everyone around us including our clients and our industry colleagues is the cornerstone of a healthy experience.

  • Trust

Every strong relationship should be based on Trust. We take every step necessary to ensure that our clients’ interests are always top of mind.

  • Loyalty

We put the full weight of our team behind our clients every step of the way. We show our loyalty to our clients from first contact to beyond closing to establish long lasting relationships.

  • Integrity

Knowing that we are giving everything we have towards our clients is part of who we are. We give the best or nothing at all.

  • Professionalism

We hold ourselves and every member of our team accountable and to the highest of standards ethically and professionally. The way it should be.

  • Communication

Communication is one of the most important pillars of any relationship. We make it a point to constantly communicate not only with our clients but with our industry partners to ensure the best experience possible.

  • Innovation

We believe and invest heavily on innovation. When the markets change or new methods and technologies arise, we strive to be the first ones there with the objective of making Real Estate better for you, our client.

Where UNNA Real Estate Group started

UNNA was born at Homelife/CityHill Realty Inc., Brokerage.

Homelife/CityHill independently operated since 1976 located at Caledonia-Fairbank community has served thousands of families with an ongoing commitment to providing an elevated level of personal service. Unna Real Estate Group brings a new model of business adding to this excellent company’s history a touch of innovation.

UNNA Real Estate Group is a unification of Real Estate Agents that have the same vision ,mission and beliefs along with our client specialist manager that wants to make sure all requirements are taken care of in a special and unique way.

The Homelife brand has been in the industry for over 35 years, Canadian owned with 160 Franchised offices across Canada & Growing. Homelife has international expansion operations around the world.

Ana Figueiredo


I started my journey in Real Estate as Deal Secretary at Homelife/City Hill back in 2014.  In 2016 I was licensed and working as a realtor at the same office. Years passed and my passion kept getting bigger than I could expect. I knew we could do it differently, we could be better. Unna came at the right time with the best team I could imagine.

Eduino Silva


After 47 years in Real Estate and helping countless clients throughout the years I’m so grateful for all of the relationships I’ve had over the years. I’m so happy  to be a part of UNNA REAL ESTATE GROUP. We have formed a team that without a doubt will continue with my past tradition and provide the dedication, respect and best service to our clients for many years to come.

Jonathan Silva


Real Estate has been a part of my life since the day I was born, After 11 Years as a Real Estate Professional I’m happy to be a part of Unna Real Estate Group. A team based on Tradition, Innovation, Respect, Dedication, Professionalism and Service. A team that makes our Goal simple, One Team One goal, Giving our client’s a unique Real estate Experience.